Centralized Work Hours Management – The easy way for employees to log their hours!

One-Stop Solution for Work Hours

Track, collect, and approve all employee work hours effortlessly. With AppsCo’s Work Hours module, gain a comprehensive view of daily, weekly, and monthly work hours. Approve hours for the entire department or individual employees, all in one place. This module is designed to save you time and ensure accuracy.

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Dashboard vs. Table View

  • Table View: Get a holistic view of the entire department’s work hours. Approve individual hours, view daily registrations, and understand the balance between work and task hours. Seal the month’s records with a single click.

  • Dashboard: Dive deeper into individual employee hours. The dashboard offers insights into total work hours, discrepancies in registered hours, and detailed weekly views for departments. Plus, with the task view enabled, see an employee’s work hours and tasks seamlessly combined.

Viewing Tasks in Work Hours

Get a clear picture of all employee hours, whether they’re from assigned work plans or clock-ins. If using the Task Manager, clocked-in hours are automatically integrated into daily tasks.

Clock-In Details

Every clock-in, whether for a task or a general work start time, is meticulously recorded. Leaders and administrators can view these details, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

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