Who we are and what our vision is?

Increase your customer Security & Productivity

Be in a group of chosen companies as an AppsCo Partner

As an AppsCo Partner, you can create your own portal and marketplace with your company’s branding on a dedicated server


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Marketplace Program

We bring organization and structure to your workflow!

Let Us Take Care of Your Business

Private Label – Build your own solutions and grow your business!

Why not achieve maximum business growth with the help of the AppsCo Platform, get a competitive advantage for productivity, growth and profit!

Referral – Be a friend of AppsCo and earn money!

Be part of AppsCo referral program and get actual money back. All qualified leads to AppsCo will get you concrete reward as soon as potential clients become paid clients.

AppsCo  Reseller

Work with AppsCo and bring your company’s business flow to another level. Bust up your productivity, efficiency, and security all with one app!

Partner Dashboard & Stats

AppsCo gives you a dashboard where you can have overview of revenue, invoices, clients and you can efficiently communicate using push notifications. Set up customers and control which employee should have access to which client. You will have a customer SSO daily workplace/team password manager.

We provide you with a full employee management platform

With your own labeling and branding!

Cross Client Password Manager

AppsCo enables you to share any app and user credentials between the customer team and across different customers as well.

Enable Your Apps in Our App Catalog

AppsCo enables you to set up and integrate your application into our 3000+ application catalog.


AppsCo enables you to fully control your access as well as your customer’s by using just one username and password. This way you can be more productive and have an effective administration of your customers.