Comprehensive Janitorial Management Solution with Advanced HR and Task Management Features

In the fast-paced world of janitorial services, efficient management is key to maintaining pristine environments. Our industry-leading software provides an all-inclusive solution tailored to the needs of janitors and cleaning teams, combining powerful HR features, task management tools, route planning capabilities, GPS tracking, clock in/out functionality, checklists, work hour tracking, and seamless integrations with payroll systems.

HR Features:

Our janitorial management software streamlines human resources tasks, simplifying employee onboarding, performance tracking, and communication. It allows you to store and manage employee profiles, track certifications and training, and schedule performance evaluations. Easily monitor attendance, punctuality, and employee availability, ensuring optimal staffing levels for every shift.

Task Management:

Efficiently manage cleaning tasks with our intuitive task management module. Assign specific tasks to janitorial teams, set priorities, and establish deadlines. Supervisors can monitor task progress in real-time, ensuring every area is cleaned and maintained according to your exacting standards. Automatic task assignment based on predefined criteria helps optimize workforce distribution.

Route Planning and GPS:

Our software takes the guesswork out of route planning. Janitors are assigned optimized routes based on location, task type, and priority. The built-in GPS functionality provides real-time navigation, ensuring teams reach their designated areas promptly. This feature minimizes travel time and ensures thorough coverage of all cleaning zones.

Clock In/Out:

Say goodbye to manual attendance tracking. Our clock-in/out feature lets janitors log their work hours accurately. Geotagged timestamps prevent discrepancies, and supervisors can verify attendance at a glance. This data feeds directly into the payroll system, reducing administrative overhead and errors.

Checklist and Work Hours:

Janitors can access digital checklists for each cleaning assignment. This ensures no cleaning task is overlooked and quality standards are consistently met. Work hours are logged automatically, giving detailed insights into labor allocation and performance analysis.

Integrations to Payroll:

Seamlessly integrate your janitorial management software with your payroll system. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving time. Payroll administrators can generate accurate payroll reports based on the logged work hours, simplifying the payment process for janitorial staff.


Our janitorial management solution revolutionizes the way cleaning operations are organized and executed. By incorporating advanced HR capabilities, efficient task management, route planning, GPS tracking, clock in/out functionality, checklists, work hour tracking, and payroll integrations, we empower janitorial teams to work smarter and deliver spotless results every time.

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