More Efficient Workday with People Digital Handbooks

Simplify content management and enhance employee engagement. With our handbooks, you can customize or choose predefined handbooks tailored to your company, integrating smoothly with existing systems. Automatic updates for legal changes and user-friendly access.


  • User-friendly interface for content creation and editing

  • Customizable templates for company-specific content

  • Assignment of editorial responsibilities by administrators

  • Features like read confirmation and a search field

  • Updates to legal texts in response to law changes

  • Accessibility on app, tablet, and PC platforms

Want to build your own handbook?  Publication builder included

  • Jumpstart your projects with pre-made structures
  • Advanced features and user-friendly interface
  • Eliminates the hassle of content assembly and formatting
  • Save time on initial setup
  • Simplifies collaboration process

Our Ready-made digital handbooks:

Personnel handbook

  • Internal Work Guidelines
  • Time-Saver for HR, Managers, and Staff
  • Ensures Fair Personnel Rules
  • Quick Info Access
  • Clarifies Roles, Policies, Expectations
  • Boosts Communication

HSE handbook

  • Simplifies legal health, environment, and safety tasks
  • Consolidates internal procedures
  • Provides customizable company forms
  • Serves as a reference for employees, managers, and safety representatives

Leader handbook

  • User-friendly manager’s guide
  • Updated content and responsibilities outline
  • Effective templates for quality follow-up
  • Current and relevant information
  • A valuable resource for new managers
  • Assistance for those unfamiliar with company procedures

Why Invest in Digital Handbooks?

  • Access updated legal manuals.
  • Combine basic and company-specific content.
  • Efficiently search organized information.
  • Customize handbooks for your company.
  • Collaborate with multiple administrators.
  • Support new hires with essential information.

AppsCo & Azets

Azets is in charge of the content you receive when purchasing a handbook. They ensure all content aligns with current legislation. If you need assistance editing your company’s internal text, Azets offers expert HR advisers. They can review existing routines, suggest improvements, and provide guidance on legislative interpretation.

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