People Task Manager

TASK AND CONTRACT MANAGEMENT- Simplify and automate your routine tasks

Optimize operations: reduce key staff reliance and delegate admin tasks. Drive growth: Boost billable hours and enhance client communication. Stay proactive – manage contracts and understand customer needs. Streamline tasks: adaptable checklists for efficiency.

Key Features

  • Customer register
  • Contract register
  • GPS locations/Geofencing
  • Customizable checklists
  • Customer Know-how
  • Route planning
  • Contract offers & approval
  • People replacements

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Task  Management

Task Management Workflows

Automating tasks for companies makes things faster, more accurate, and keeps customers happy. It helps you compete better, saves time and resources, and empowers employees. This works for leaders and team members, making things run smoothly and smartly.


  • Streamline recurring tasks
  • Control and invoice tasks
  • Automate custom checklists
  • Improve communication with customers

Customers & Contracts

Simplify orders and streamline invoicing

The system manages customers and contacts, allowing customization of reports and importing of data. It facilitates creating and approving contract offers with tasks and projects, integrating them into customer contracts. It also organizes contract terms, products, and projects with cost details, supporting efficient administration. Add a customizable checklist to contracts and customers.


  • Customer register
  • Customer Know-How
  • Customizable checklists
  • Contract register
  • Contract offers & approval
  • Customer weekly report


Plan Tasks Faster and Smarter

The system manages fixed and extra tasks linked to contracts. It automates tasks, tracks progress, and improves communication and invoicing. Managers oversee tasks and handle deviations for efficiency.


  • Handle fixed and additional tasks
  • Leader view dashboard
  • Product register
  • Synchronize your products with ERP
  • Customizable checklist templates


Order & Invoice Generation

Efficiently track order details, integrate with invoicing, sync employee and product info for easy payroll, note increased billing rate, and enhance invoicing flow with margin calculations.


  • Standard Integrations with ERP
  • Export orders report
  • Filter by customer and Task
  • Create order line to task
  • Build your products/price register
  • Calculate margin for your offer


Route planning

Easily access daily route profiles with tasks organized by day. Route cards with task details are  placed at the beginning of each day in the chosen date range. Gain quick insights into locations and tasks.


  • Route templates
  • Route image
  • Generated routes
  • Locations in the generated route
  • Timeline on the mobile app

GPS Location

Task handling, powered by GPS precision

Enhance interactions and teamwork with our GPS Location Map. “My Customers” streamlines customer management and task tracking. “All Customers” offers company-wide insights, and “My Colleagues” promotes teamwork with shared information.


  • Automatic clock-in to customer
  • Notifications
  • See my colleagues
  • See my Customers
  • Map view
  • Privacy policy settings
  • Meraki integrations/maps

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