Struggling to organize your applications?

Centralize Access And Control Across Your Applications – Improve User Productivity

Effortless access control for Onboarding, changes & Offboarding with one platform

Simplify app management for all your favorite apps like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Empower Your People

Effortlessly add new hires or offboard employees with a single click and save valuable time

Simplify Workplace Access

Unlock the power of team password management or enable Single Sign-On

Enhanced Security & Device Control

Simplify device management, enhance security, and enforce data protection effortlessly

Single Sign-On (SSO) Dashboard

Centralize and share your applications and services with both customers and employees via your company dashboard. Ensure they’re allocated based on your access rights protocols. Streamline your workflow with everything housed in one secure location.

Improved in-house security with AppsCo through

Simplify Workforce Identity with:

  • Single Sign-On
  • User & App Provisioning
  • Password Manager
  • 2FA & Device Control
  • Audits and reports

Elevate Customer Identity with:

  • Social Log In
  • Dashboards & service desk
  • Compliance & Policy Controls


Workforce Identity

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Enhance security by implementing risk-based access control for vital corporate resources.

Single Sign-On

Achieve one-click access to all applications, whether they’re cloud-based or on-premises.

Advanced Directory

Fortify your essential corporate assets with a risk-driven access control mechanism.

HR-Driven Identity

Oversee personally identifiable information (PII) and regulate app access throughout an employee’s tenure.

Identity Lifecycle Management

Optimize user and application management, facilitating seamless onboarding and offboarding processes.

User & App Provisioning

Efficiently manage users across applications. With AppsCo’s provisioning tool, you can import custom user attributes from external directories and integrate them into compatible apps.


Customer Identity (CIAM)

Unified Cloud Directory

Integrate users from diverse directories such as Active Directory, LDAP, Google Workplace, and more.

Social Login

Utilize Trusted IdPs to streamline the sign-in and registration process, allowing users to log in using their social credentials.

Account Management

Streamline customer management and identity operations for enhanced efficiency.

APIs & Toolkits

Tailor the user experience to foster trust and loyalty towards your brand.


Safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) and regulate app access throughout an employee’s tenure.

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with AppsCo and propel your organization to unmatched success

IAM/CIAM Benefits with AppsCo

AppsCo streamlines your workforce and customer management with robust Identity and Access protocols, enhancing benefits across your organization.

Benefits for IT Managers

  • Centralized User Management

  • Efficient Grouping

  • Constant Access Oversight

  • Enhanced Security

  • User Engagement

Benefits for Your Employees

  • Enhanced Security
  • Personalized Infrastructure
  • Company Identity
  • Tailored Access
  • Adaptable Integrations
  • B2B Connectivity
  • Streamlined Management

Benefits for Customers

  • Easy Access

  • Unified Login

  • Reduced risk

  • No Multiple Logins

  • Access on mobile, tablet, and laptop.

Benefits for Admins

  • Comprehensive SSO Catalogue
  • Efficient Provisioning
  • Safe Sharing
  • Robust Compliance
  • Transparency
  • Secure Transitions
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Insights

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