AppsCo provides a secure Employee Management platform to safely manage access, employees, apps and more - all in one place.

Secure Employee Management platform

With AppsCo One, you can set up your company with your own branding and verified domain to start adding your employees and building your workplace.

Secure Employee Management platform

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AppsCo ONE People

It’s free
  • Employee records
  • Time-off management
  • On & Offboarding
  • Timesheet
  • To do list
  • Team password manager
  • Single Sign On Workplace
  • Mobile App

AppsCo ONE Plus

3$ per employee per month*
  • Time Tracking
  • Own Branding
  • Statistics and Reports
  • API and Integrations
  • Mobile App

AppsCo ONE Premium

4$ per employee per month*
  • Performance management
  • HR Workflows
  • Consent management
  • Privacy Compliance management
  • Risk management
  • Mobile App

AppsCo ONE Enterprise

5$ per employee per month*
  • Provisioning
  • AD, G-Suite & O-365 control
  • Access Onboarding
  • Identity Management
  • Policy Management
  • License tracking
  • Mobile App

AppsCo ONE Server Plan


Host AppsCo One on your own server for maximum security & privacy

Setup your AppsCo One platform (1/3)

Setting up your Appsco One platform is done in no-time, just follow these steps and you’ll be up and running soon!

Let's start with some basics.

Enter your first name here.
Enter your last name here.
Enter your e-mail, this will be your username for logging in.
Enter your password, a minimum length of 8 and at least one number and uppercase and lowercase letter.
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Almost half way (2/3)

Now some specific information regarding you and your company. This information is vital for us to create your workspace.

Remember you can click on the question marks to the right of each field if you need help or get stuck.

The name of your organization.
The language for your instance.
This is the website address where you and your colleagues will be able to access your AppsCo One Workplace.
The address is available
If you’re signing up for an AppsCo One Workplace via a partner, they should have provided you with a token so that we can connect you to your partner. If you haven’t gotten the token or got any questions please contact either your partner contact or and we’ll help you out.
Partner token is valid

Finish line (3/3)

Almost done, the finish line is coming up, stay with us! Everyone starts out with our Appsco One People plan which is free of charge. You can easily upgrade to our other plans once you’ve logged in to your workplace.

To the left you see our different plans and the type of pricing model, you can also read more about these here.