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People Workforce Platform

Our core focus is being an efficient and easy people field tool!

Effortless access control for Onboarding, changes & Offboarding with one platform

Simplify app management for all your favorite apps like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

People HR

Experience the power of a simplified HR solution! 

People Tasks

Simplify and automate your contracts, projects and checklists!

People Handbooks

Boost team knowledge through accessible digital handbooks

People Apps & Access Management

Transform your workplace into an efficient, secure, and simplified environment!

Your Digital Transformation: Empowering Efficiency and Revenue Growth

What’s In It

for Your Company

Smarter People and Task management improve your administration and increase your profit!


  • App for checklists, docs, GPS, time tracking, leave, and client lists
  • Efficient onboarding/offboarding, customer communication, task overview
  • Enhanced operations control, mobile push notifications
  • Higher billing, financial management option
  • What you need: People registration, Absences, Work Hours

Anders Solum

We’re pleased with AppsCo. It streamlined employee data and tasks and saved time/money. We recommend it for People/task management. Also, our invoicing improved after using AppsCo!

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