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Unlock valuable insights with our master-report. Download department-specific reports to:

  • Efficiently plan and allocate workloads.
  • Gain a holistic view of holidays, absences, and employee data changes.
  • Access the HR Master Data report function.
  • If you’re a Task Manager module subscriber, delve into invoicing stats, filterable by customer, task type, or timeframe.

People Data

Time Off Management

Work Hours


Incidents & Measures

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KPI Dashboard

Your gateway to company-wide statistical data. Dive deep into:

  • Employee metrics.
  • Holiday and absence trends.
  • Onboarding and offboarding stats.

HR Master Report

Filter and extract precise employee information. Conveniently export data to Excel.

Absence Reports

  • General Absence Report: Export departmental absence data as a CSV, offering clear insights.
  • Absence Percentage Report: View team and departmental absences, further refined by specific codes and date ranges.

Employee Lifecycle Changes

Track every change in an employee’s journey within the company. Use filters to pinpoint specific alterations and export the data to Excel.

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