Efficient Incident Management with AppsCo

Ensure workplace safety by promptly registering, analyzing, and addressing incidents. With AppsCo, not only can employees swiftly report incidents via their mobile devices, but managers also gain immediate access to timely follow-ups. Simply:

  • Select the relevant department.
  • Add followers for collaboration.
  • Monitor and manage the incident’s progress.

Pople Data

Time Off Management

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Reports & Insights

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Categorized for Clarity

Choose from diverse incident categories such as:

Specify the incident type, assign a caseworker, and log the incident time to initiate the process.

  • Suggestions for Improvement
  • Personal Injury
  • Environmental Incidents
  • Customer Complaints

Intelligent Risk Assessment

Determine the potential recurrence and consequence of an incident, and AppsCo will automatically calculate the associated risk level.

Instant Notifications on Mobile/Web

Employees can report incidents via the People mobile app, instantly alerting the designated caseworker. This ensures rapid response and effective incident management.

Prioritize Privacy with Anonymous Reporting

Employees have the option to report incidents anonymously. While leaders can view and address the incident, no caseworker will be associated with the report, ensuring confidentiality.

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