Streamline Time-Off Management – Don’t go chasing managers!

Ditch the Spreadsheets!
Manage your team’s time-off requests seamlessly and efficiently with AppsCo: no more manual tracking or endless spreadsheets.

Effective time-off management is pivotal for HR. It enables leaders to monitor, approve, and manage employee attendance and leave requests actively.

AppsCo’s Time-Off Solution

  • Simplified Tracking: Whether you’re overseeing a department or managing at an organizational level, AppsCo provides an intuitive platform to track absences and vacations.

  • Optimized Workload: Adjust tasks and responsibilities with ease, ensuring smooth operations irrespective of employee availability.

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Experience the Difference Today!

The AppsCo People Employee App

Employees can swiftly register absences via the mobile or desktop version. Leaders receive instant notifications for approval actions.

Customizable Time-Off Setup

  • Predefined Absence Codes: Start with our default codes and customize as needed.

  • Mobile Visibility: Decide which codes employees can view and use on the mobile app.

Bulk Approve Feature

Busy pre-vacation season? Approve multiple requests simultaneously with our bulk approval tool. A few clicks, and you’re all set.

Flexible Viewing Options

Choose from weekly, monthly, or list views to oversee absences. Tailor your view of your leadership style.

Absence Management

View and manage employee absences effortlessly. Benefit from a calendar overview available in weekly, monthly, or 3-month views. Integrate with AppsCo for a smoother experience.

Export Absences with Ease

Need to integrate with another system? Export selected absence data quickly and filter to pinpoint specific records.

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