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Track and approve all your employees’ work hour registrations in one place.

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The Work Hours module is used to collect and track all work hours registered by employees in your company. Use the dashboard view to approve individual work hours and the work hours table view to approve monthly hours for the whole department at once!

With AppsCo’s Work hours, you’ll be able to view monthly, weekly and daily work hours, approve all hours at once or approve hours for each individual employee. The Work Hours module is bound to save you lots of time while it collects all the hours your employees have registered in one place!

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    Dashboard vs Table

    The table view allows you to view work hours for the whole department while the dashboard view allows for individual employee hour approval. Enabling the task view in the dashboard allows you to see an employee’s work hours and tasks in one place. Employees’ daily worked hours are calculated based on the sum of planned hours and task hours.

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    The dashboard view allows you to approve hours for the whole department with just one click. The dashboard monthly view gives you immediate insight into the total amount of work hours as well as the difference between registered work hours when compared to hours registered by employees via clock in. The weekly view will display more details for the selected department.

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    Work Hours (Table)

    Approve work hours for individual employees and view registered work hours for each day of the month. See the amount of work hours registered for each salary type and the balance between work and task hours the employee has registered. Approve the month with just one click.

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    Viewing Tasks in Work Hours

    The Work Hours module gives you an overview of all your employees’ work hours, whether they are added through their assigned work plan or by clocking in to tasks. If you are using Task Manager to clock in to tasks, hours will automatically be added to an employee’s daily tasks.

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    Clock in and out Details

    Individual employee clock-ins will be added to the total amount of hours and visible in the table view. Whether an employee clocks in on a task or just registers the time when they started working, these registrations will be visible for leaders and administrators.

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