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Get rid of spreadsheets and manage your team’s time off requests quickly and effortlessly.

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Time off management is an essential HR functionality, especially for leaders to approve and keep track of employees at work and their time off requests.

AppsCo’s time off management is an easy and practical solution to keep track of absences and vacations within your department (if you’re a leader) or on an organizational level if you’re viewing as an administrator. Reorganize the workload and employee responsibilities.

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    The AppsCo People Employee App

    Employees will be able to add absences either via the AppsCo People mobile app or via the desktop version. As soon as an employee registers an absence, their leader will receive a notification to approve or decline the absence.

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    Time Off Setup

    Each instance comes with predefined absence codes. Add your own codes and select which absence codes will be visible in the mobile app. Employees using the app will only be able to register absences and vacations with these absences.

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    Bulk Approve Absences

    The pre-summer holiday period can be a busy time for leaders with lots of people putting in vacation requests. With AppsCo, you can approve them all at the same time using our bulk approve function that will save you a lot of time. Select all or a number of employees you want to approve a vacation or an absence for, click confirm and you’re done in no time.

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    Weekly, Monthly And List Views

    Pick what suits you as a leader or administrator approving the absences best. The different views allow you to view absences in as much detail as you want.

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    Export Absences

    If you’re looking to view or store absences in an external system, you can export absences for a selected period of time in no time. Use filters to narrow down your search.

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