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Reports and statistics that every successful leader needs!

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The Insights section provides leaders with valuable information. Download reports for your department for insightful and precise data so you can start planning and distributing the workload among your employees in the most efficient way.

The reports give you an overview of holidays and absences, absence percentages, employee data and changes, in addition to the HR Master Data report function. If you subscribe to the Task Manager module, you'll also have access to invoicing statistics that you can filter by customer, task type or period of time.

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    KPI Dashboard

    The KPI dashboard is the starting point for viewing statistical company data. Get detailed insight into employee data, holidays and absences, onboarding and offboarding statistics.

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    HR Master Report

    The HR master report allows you to filter and export precise information about your employees. Export data as an excel file.

  • Absence Report

    The absence report allows you to export a CSV file with information about absences on a department level. Simple and insightful data on absences in your department.

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    Absence Percentage Report

    Use the Absence Percentage report to see all of the absences in teams and departments and further filtered by specific absence code and date range.

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    Employee Changes

    This report allows you to search for a specific employee change using filters, display all the changes in the employee’s lifecycle within the company. Available for Excel export.

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