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Register, analyze and follow up on incidents in the workplace and take necessary measures.

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Registering incidents and taking measures in the workplace is important to prevent them from happening again.

With AppsCo, it’ll be easy for employees to register an incident on their mobile device while the manager will have access to the incident and be able to follow up on it. Select the department where the incident occurred, add followers and follow up on the incident.

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    Incident Categories

    Suggestions for improvement, Personal injury, Environmental incident, Customer complaints. Pick the right incident category and the incident type, add the case worker and register the time in which the incident occurred to get started.

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    Automatic Risk Level Calculation

    When selecting the chance of the incident happening again and the consequence if the incident happens again, the risk level is automatically calculated.

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    Mobile And Web View / Employee Registration

    When you register an incident as an employee in the People mobile app, the selected caseworker will be notified of this immediately. This will allow them to take action and follow up on the incident.

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    Anonymous Registration

    As an employee registering an incident in mobile, you'll have the option to register an event anonymously. Your leader will have access to the event but there will be no case worker registered.

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