Good business owners know their company must keep up with the times if it wants to do well.

The best way to stay one step ahead of the competition is by using the latest tech solutions on the market to boost company performance.

If you’re looking to start a company, or you’re a business owner looking to upgrade to a new standard, Cloud HR Software might just be the tool you need.

Modern Solutions In The New Normal

Being afraid of change is what gates many long-standing companies with outdated business practices from moving forward.

Living off of old glory may work for a time, but soon enough, the market demand forces change.

One employee demand that’s very popular among the new generation workforce is having access to all information on-demand in one place.

Furthermore, working from home/remotely increased over the last decade.

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of the global pandemic, many traditionally-run businesses are forced to adapt to this “new normal”.

Otherwise, they risk losing employees and running out of business.

The other side of the same coin is employment at modern companies, especially start-ups, which are increasing in popularity.

Most new-age companies are built from the ground up to function remotely and remove a lot of the middle-management structure found in traditional companies.

They accomplish this thanks to tech solutions such as Cloud-based HR software.

In fact, without these tools, many of them wouldn’t be able to launch.

What Is a Cloud HR Software?

Cloud-based software is a type of software that can be accessed across multiple devices using the internet.

A common example of a Cloud-based software you likely use daily is any social media app.

As you know, all of its contents are stored on a platform accessible using a wide variety of devices (computers, tablets, phones) using an internet connection.

Depending on the platform, users can interact with, share, and add or take data from it in real time.

Cloud HR Software works the same in many ways.

It’s highly likely your company already uses multiple software solutions for tracking different information.

These programs might monitor employee work hours, customer information, ongoing projects, warehouse stock, but also important performance metrics (KPIs)

However, what some business owners might not realize is they can take care of everything using a single app.

The best HR software rounds up all the things you need for your company to work flawlessly in one centralized location.

AppsCo One Has All The HR Tools You Need To Modernize Your Company

AppsCo One is the ultimate user-friendly, Cloud-based HR software.

The customizable interface allows you to tailor it to your company’s needs.

Managers can use AppsCo One to:

  • Operate the employee register
  • Track all time metrics like work hours, holidays, deadlines, etc.
  • Delegate and monitor tasks and projects
  • Manage the customer and contacts database
  • Grant or revoke employee or customer access to certain software or information
  • Manage invoices and money orders
  • Customize KPI and data reports to focus on what’s important
  • Create performance reviews and follow-ups with employees
  • On-board and off-board employees, and more

Employees can use AppsCo One to:

  • Track ongoing tasks and projects
  • Report working hours or completed actions
  • Request access to tools or information
  • Inquire about time off
  • Overview each other’s progress
  • Depending on their employee status, edit information on the app, and more

AppsCo One is accessible through your computer or mobile app, making it readily available to everyone, even on the go.

The Advantages Cloud HR Software Brings Your Company

The first and most crucial advantage of using Cloud HR Software is organizing everything on one platform.

Having all necessary information stored in one place, instead of spreading it out across multiple apps, increases your company’s efficiency immeasurably.

Paperwork is reduced and more or less thrown out the window.

Information travels faster from employee to employee, department to department, and between company and customer.

Data is being collected and calculated in real time, reducing the possibility of human error.

Personalized employee profiles will encourage them to keep their metrics on a high level, and warn them about places with room for improvement.

Since it is Cloud-based, everyone with granted access can use it across multiple devices, as long as they have an internet connection.

Not to be overlooked, employees will be very happy to have everything they need in one app, instead of needing a variety of apps and login credentials to function.

Finally, one platform means saving money on premiums for multiple apps you would otherwise use.

Transform your HR process and take your company to the next level. AppsCo One has ALL the HR tools you need on one platform. Register today!

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