It’s no secret that the most productive businesses in the world take advantage of new-age technology. Computers, the internet, and most recently smartphones, along with accompanying software, have significantly increased our productivity. The biggest change they have brought is the continual flow of information, which has made task management significantly easier and more efficient.

Work Productivity and Task Management

Productivity is a crucial aspect of our everyday lives. Since the formation of societies, we have actively measured individual and group contributions, making productivity an essential part of our survival. In our work lives, maintaining high levels of productivity is the number one goal for every company.

Labor productivity, a commonly used economic term in business, is defined as the ratio of Output Volume to Labor Input Use. In simple terms, the more work you can complete with the least amount of effort, the better. Depending on the type of job, it can be measured using different metrics such as:

  • Time of completion
  • Quality of work
  • Quantity Produced
  • Turnover rate
  • Margin of error
  • Resources consumed, and more

Nevertheless, one universal aspect of all work is that everyone has a set of tasks expected of them, and completing each task matters to the ultimate goal. Properly organizing and tracking these tasks is an essential part of productivity.

What Is Task Management?

Task tracking — also known as task management — is a fundamental productivity metric in business. Despite being a simple process, it provides valuable information when done correctly.

In short, it measures all things task-related, including:

  • Identification
  • Delegation
  • Importance
  • Progress
  • Results, etc.

Depending on the type of work, your employees could have anywhere from a handful to millions of tasks every day. Regardless of the number, appropriate tracking is crucial throughout each task’s life cycle.

Information about the “what, who, when, and how” should flow effortlessly to ensure tasks are completed in the most productive way possible. Task tracking is a good predictor of a company’s success, and nowadays, it can and should be completely supported using the right task management software.

What Is Workforce Task Management Software?

Task trackers are among the simplest yet most important pieces of software in every company. As the name suggests, they are designed to track all forms of activities and processes.

Tracking software not only follows company tasks and projects but also allows you to:

  • Add and monitor important time metrics
  • Customize your employee register
  • Assign tasks to employees or groups
  • Organize tasks by priority
  • Stop mistakes, particularly human errors
  • Extract work data and spot trends
  • Identify weak points
  • Manage all things task-related from one place
  • Save time and money by using all this information to your advantage

The best task trackers are cloud-based apps, which enable users to access them across multiple devices (phones, tablets, computers) via the internet.

Integrating Workforce Task Management Software

In today’s business landscape, companies use various software applications to assist them in everyday activities. It’s highly likely that you already use some form of common software such as time tracking, payment gateways, and payroll management systems, just to name a few. Although they are all necessary, it can become difficult to keep track of everything when the information is scattered across multiple apps. Fortunately, the best workforce software, such as AppsCo, can be integrated with all kinds of popular work systems.

AppsCo is the latest HR and IT management app with the ultimate task-management tools

If you’re looking for a task tracker capable of doing everything we’ve talked about and more, AppsCo is here to help. You can use AppsCo to assign and keep an eye on tasks and projects from one user-friendly platform.

Task management is just one of its many useful features. It can handle everything from employee administration, time tracking, workflow and checklist creation, information and resource gathering, identity access management, and other HR and IT processes.

The app is fully customizable with your company branding and capable of integrating and implementing company policies that you assign to it. AppsCo is completely cloud-based, allowing your employees to access its contents through all devices with an internet connection. But most importantly, all of this can be achieved with just ONE app.

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