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Stay organized and efficient with a powerful task management platform. Plan, manage and track all your customer's tasks in one flexible software.

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Manage all types of tasks for your customers with checklists, get an overview over contracts and send to invoicing.

Smarter Task management improves your administration and increases your profit!

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    Task Management Workflows

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    Contract Offers

    With the offer features, you can communicate with the customer and get their approval. Create tasks and services to be delivered, and when the offer is approved, it will be added to the standard contract for the existing customer. Use the contract offer feature for both existing and new customers. Products will be added as items in a contract offer and show the agreement's total cost, price, and profitability.

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    Administration of customer contracts

    Contract registers contain all contract terms per customer. Add which products/services will be performed with cost price and invoiced to the customer. Build up broad product categories with price structure and overview of which services are billable. Add tasks, checklists, and task templates.

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    In the customer section, you enter all your customers and contacts. Set up which regular reports the customer should receive. Customers can be imported with products and prices. Build up customer profiles with active from and to. Build detailed checklists and frequency plans per customer, add photos and comments.

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    Task management

    As a manager, use the task panel to see daily management tasks for all your customers. See the status, which task has been started, handle all deviances be sent to the customer, and see which deviance the customer has accepted as a new task. Add new tasks with prices; estimated time, checklists, and pictures.

  • administration-of-fixed-tasks-icon

    Administration of fixed and additional tasks

    Fixed tasks are linked to contracts and generated periodically. Tasks that are not fixed and are considered additional tasks, are created on an ongoing basis either via App or web.

  • checklist-template-icon

    Checklists Template

    Add one or more checklists as you can use to keep track of your tasks an effective way. Use AppsCo standard checklist templates or create your own per customer agreement. Add comments and photo on each checklist item.

  • generate-order-invoice

    Generate Order & Invoice

    Register order lines continuously on tasks or as part of the customer contract. Generate orders basis and send for invoicing. AppsCo has integration with 24/7 Office and Tripletex (Customers and products)

  • customer-contract-report-icon

    Customer Contract Report

    The Customer contract report gives you detailed information about contracts and open offers as well as their value per customer. The report can be downloaded as a PDF file.

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