Enhance your business

The modern business market requires efficiency, speed and security of companies across all industries, no matter their size and employee count. AppsCo facilitates the transition into the digital world by offering cutting-edge products to be chosen or tailored according to your specific business needs.


Digital transformation

The Digital transformation market is one of the fastest growing ones today, and its projected growth in the next 3 years is an impressive 18.1%.

Customer’s needs are changing rapidly and digitalizing organizational business functions to enhance efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction are a must for every organization.

With AppsCo, this transition is smooth, secure and compliant with all major data protection laws.

From USD 290.0 billion to USD 660.0 billion from 2018 top 2023.


AppsCo OEM

Private cloud or desired architecture

You can create your customer portal with your own branding, add value to your business and improve and automate your business flow. Your customer portal adds value to your business by redistributing and upselling a wide variety of applications, including custom ones necessary for your line of business or particular to your company.

AppsCo SaaS

Software as a service

We host your solution safely in the Cloud and enable you to securely share your resources with your employees and customers according to your business model.

The rate of Software as a service growth has increased rapidly in recent years and is consistent across organizations of all sizes. The average company uses over 20 paid applications and more than 30 free applications which creates monthly costs of over $20 000.

Free vs. paid SaaS products by company size Free vs. paid SaaS products by company size
Number of SaaS apps used by company size Number of SaaS apps used by company size

In the era of cloud computing, every company needs a SaaS management platform with strict access management in order to eliminate bottlenecks, enhance performance and comply with the requirements of the current data protection laws.

SSO Dashboard

Single Sign on

Share applications and services with your customers and employees through your company dashboard and make sure they are distributed according to your access rights rules. Everything you need for a successful workflow is in one central, secure place.


AppsCo supports provisioning and helps you with seamless and secure transition to the cloud environment. Provisioning is essential for on-boarding and off-boarding your employees, organizing and protecting your company data-flow. Integrations enable the exchange of provisioning information and help you automate the management of users, contacts, access and data across different systems in a quick and secure way.

Security, logs and statistics

Enforce policies if your choice and enhance the security of your data. (IP whitelisting, Multifactor authentication, custom policies etc.) Have full insight into all activity through the audit log and control access to all resources easily form one central point. Pinpoint any unusual activity immediately and act accordingly. Oversee statistics on resources usage and all user activity at all times in order to improve your business flow.

Data protection tool

The cloud-based encryption tool is designed to mitigate all risks of data leakage, with automated security for business databases so you can store credentials and integrate systems without exposing them to third-party sources. In case your device has been hacked, it can simply be marked as unsafe and your data will not be exposed.