Connect people and things simply and securely.

AppsCo provides a secure portal for enterprises to safely manage access to their sensitive data and applications using a patented Blockchain Data protection solution.

Securely access all your apps in one place and achieve compliance with current data protection laws.


Empower your entire organization with AppsCo through

Identity & access management

AppsCo gives you the visibility and control over your applications across your organization with special focus on the Cloud.

Data Protection

Our patented Data Protection as a service solution is a cloud encryption software with automated security for business databases so you can store data and integrate systems without exposing them to third-party sources.

Compliance & HRM

AppsCo offers a holistic approach to cloud governance and compliance. Gain visibility and control over your compliance processes with ease.

Security operations & development

Our partner Business Outsourcing Services is a boutique software service company that provides cutting-edge solutions and dedicated teams in order to help businesses with digital transformation.


AppsCo offers a wide variety of services that can be adapted across multiple industries and verticals. We take care of your business needs and security.



Manage companies, customers and employees add value and easier access to your service catalogue. Multicloud concept for efficient help and setup of clients and mange access rights.


Run your business safely and securely. Setup clients quickly and enforce strict access rights, device control and application protection.


Keep track of devices, users, homes, payment and dues safely and securely. Minimize the risk of hacks and data interception. Manage VPN/router connections and enforce device control. Ensure smart meter and IoT security.


Add value to your business and improve your customer experience by offering your services through our customer portal. Propel your cloud strategy and build your own ecosystem.


Empower your organization and students by simplifying their life on and off campus. Connect students, faculty and devices safely and securely.


Make sure you comply with HIPAA regulations, keep your data safe, connect with the medical community securely and manage trainings, data and documents with utmost privacy and security.

Key benefits

Increase productivity

  • Single Sign on applications
  • Provisioning
  • Seamless login to apps
  • Easy sharing of apps/resources
  • User/group access management to apps/resources
  • Stats and insights

Improve security

  • Secure announcements
  • Device management
  • Security policies
  • Enforce 2FA
  • IP whitelist
  • Mobile logins

Ensure Compliance

  • Audit logs
  • Reports
  • Access
  • Data Discovery
  • Policy enforcement
  • Insights/Statistics


AppsCo takes care of your workforce and your customers through strict Identity and Access Management and Customer Identity and Access Management

Benefits for your employees

Benefits for your employees

  • Single click to access applications
  • One set of login credentials for all services
  • No risk of password and credential theft
  • No multiple logins
  • User-friendly and accessible on mobile, tablet and laptop
Benefits for your IT managers

Benefits for your IT managers

  • User management from directory
  • Quick and easy user grouping and resource sharing
  • Control and overview over access rights at all times
  • 2FA and disapprove logins from unauthorized devices
  • Full user engagement control
Benefits for your admins

Benefits for your admins

  • Extensive SSO application catalogue
  • Provisioning
  • Resource sharing without revealing credentials
  • Security policies, compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)
  • Audit log
  • Secure automated onboarding/offboarding
  • Less time spent on password recovery
  • Reports and statistics for usage optimization
Benefits for your customers

Benefits for your customers

  • Strict Identity and Access management
  • Solution deployed in your own infrastructure
  • Company branding
  • Custom Single Sign On (SSO) applications
  • Custom integrations
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • B2B Integrations
  • Lifecycle and user management

You are in good company!

The world is becoming more connected every day. Billions and billions of people and things are connecting and sharing accesses across multiple platforms and devices. According to Gartner, more than 20 billion connected devices will be in use by 2020, while McKinsey predicts that the economic impact of IoT could reach $11.1 trillion in 2025.

AppsCo is an international company providing a portal for enterprises to manage access to applications and services for employees, clients, and partners. AppsCo uses a secure dashboard to connect users, cloud services, and connected devices across different industries.


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