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Apart from the cutting-edge employee management platform, AppsCo offers you another great product for your personal use –
the AppsCo One Personal dashboard.

The use of multiple applications that require multiple logins has become today’s norm, not only when it comes to business, but in our everyday life as well.

AppsCo One Personal dashboard

It can be difficult to remember all the services and applications you have signed up for, as well as the login credentials. This often results in using the same passwords across multiple applications, which can lead to a serious data breach.

With the AppsCo One personal dashboard, you can add all your logins to one secure space and you can share them safely with your family and friends as well. You will have overview over what you have shared with whom at all times and the possibility to revoke access with just one click if you no longer want to continue sharing.

ppsCo One Personal tablet

In addition to login information, you can add personal notes to your dashboard, passport and credit card information.

You can sign up for this free service just by entering your email address and setting a password.

Let AppsCo One Personal be your own private information vault and never worry about forgotten passwords!

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