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The Workforce Automation Tool

AppsCo is not just a single software - it’s a Workforce tool for easy administration of all your employee’s tasks - both internal and customer-related, as well as a Field tool in the form of a mobile app - backed by our Identity & Access Management solution.

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What Can You Use AppsCo For?

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    Automating Tasks

    Get rid of manual processes and create your own or use our ready-made HR processes for your needs.

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    Onboarding / Offboarding

    Clear and direct onboarding and offboarding processes. Create your own custom fields and add checklists.

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    Policy Compliance

    Easy way to maintain company policies in and outside your organization.

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    Procedure Introductions

    Simple integrations of new systems and procedures into your business flow.

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    People Evaluation

    Clear and easy way to evaluate employees and track evaluation processes, all in one place.

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    Sharing Information

    Our interactive digital handbook will make sure all employees have received, read, and understood their latest work updates on time.

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